About Me

“Living The Dream” Artwork For the Soul is what I do.  Let me tell you why I started and what “Living The Dream” is.

It is about living clean and sober for 25 years while overcoming trauma and going from victim to survivor to warrior.

It is about learning to understand and see what life truly is,  a journey to be traveled and my positive affirmation art takes you there!

Through my art, I look to create a better universe where we all can live!

This has been possible for me because I use the tools I have picked up on my journey and having the tools is not enough.  It’s about knowing when to use the tools and then using them.  My artwork reminds me of this every day!

I have started “Living The Dream”  Artwork For the Soul to pass on the blessings.  It is said that we should live life on life’s terms and I say to you live life on your terms.  Create a new dream, your dream.

My artwork is about creating your own dream and living happy, joyous and free!

I bring to you 32 years of military experience where I became a Career/Life Counselor since 2006, Master Resiliency Trainer since 2014, received Suicide Prevention training in 2013, and Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) since April 2020

The best part is that I can share my experience, strength, and hope on how I have been living 25 years alcohol and drug-free!


The Universe works if you work it!  Let my art remind you of that everyday!