Hello Wonderful World!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Today was awesome! I was part of HBG Flea in Harrisburg, PA and was selling my artwork! It was a blessed day not only because I sold some of my art, I also met some wonderful people who also donated to my "Living The Dream" outreach project! I am a true believer in whatever you put out into the Universe you get it back, so I dedicate myself to putting out love, peace, and HOPE! Let's not just focus on the spread of the Corona Virus. Let's put some focus on love, peace, and HOPE, for all! I want to thank everyone that stopped by my table and a special thanks to HBG Flea for organizing this awesome event. Now come on down the first Saturday of the month from August to October 250 Reily St., Harrisburg, PA, from 12n to 3pm! See you there!!!

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