"Living the Dream"

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

After 25 yrs of recovery and soon retiring from the military after 32 years I am ready to step into the next journey as a Spiritual Coach! Look for my new website coming soon, "Living the Dream" Spiritual Coaching! There is so much to recovery and it doesn't have to mean recovery from substances. We are recovering from so much especially 2020! What I am offering for 2021 is guidance on using spirituality and resiliency to create your own dream so you too can be part of "Living the Dream"! Updates to follow! Make sure to join me on my blogs and lets make 2021 the year of HOPE, TOLERANCE and LOVE!!!

So my challenge to you is how are you going to spread Hope, Tolerance and Love! My goal is to bring a smile to someone at least once a day. Share your goal!!!

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